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An easy to use draining bag for draining curds when making cheese and nut milks.

An easy to use draining bag and stand, used for straining blending nuts to make nut milks and for draining curds when making cheese. The stand is really convenient as it has adjustable feet, so fits nicely on top of all sized pots and bowls without having to tie the bag to a tap or somewhere else to keep the bag out of the milk.

Once the cheese curd is judged to be ready, the cheese whey must be released. As with many foods, the presence of water and the bacteria in it encourages decomposition. The cheesemaker must, therefore, remove most of the water (whey) from the cheese milk, and hence cheese curd, to make a partial dehydration of the curd. This ensures a product of good quality and that will keep. There are several ways to separate the curd from the whey, and it is again controlled by the cheesemaker.

How curds are handled has a huge impact on the final quality of your cheese. If the curds are cut too small, they may lose moisture too quickly. If the curds are overcooked, your cheeses may be dry and crumbly.

Draining is the method of eliminating the whey (liquid) from the curd (solid). Proper draining is vital to attain the correct moisture content in the cheese - it is usually done by hanging the cheese in a suitable bag.

Separating the curds and whey

When the milk coagulates, it generally forms a soft mass curd that must be broken up to allow the noncoagulated portion of the milk, known as the whey, to drain off.

If the curd is cut only a little, you can create soft, creamy cheeses. When the curd is cut quite small, more of the whey will drain away, and the cheese will have a drier texture. For some very dry cheeses, the curds and whey are even cooked to further shrink the curds and allow even more moisture to escape.

Drain the curd by either pressing or by letting it drain naturally. For some soft cheese, you won’t need to press the curd with any weight but for harder cheese you need to press it over time to make it even drier. You need to make sure that the whey is drained enough before pressing (if your cheese is a pressed cheese).

After reaching the proper firmness, the curds and whey are poured into the Draining Bag. The bag is placed over a large container to permit the collection of the whey. The curds are properly firmed when they have shrunk in size, are quite shiny and are firm to the touch and when pressed between thumb and forefinger. They no longer split open with soft curd coming from the interior.

After sufficient draining, the curds are placed in a bowl to continue the cheesemaking process.

Salting is usually done at this stage - it both enhances the cheese's flavour, aids in both draining whey from the curd and in the final preservation of the cheese.

Material: The draining bag is made from terylene, which is washable and reusable. Stand is made with adjustable feet to ensure it fits nicely on top of all sized pots and bowls.

Measures: 19cm x 19cm, Height: 23cm

About Mad Millie

Mad Millie is a young Kiwi company with a passion and love for all things delicious and handcrafted. We also love to share our passion with you by giving you the opportunity to do this yourself at home.

We're famous for our cheese making kits which allow you to make an array of gourmet cheeses such as feta, cheddar, halloumi, mozzarella, Camembert and more, as well as including making butter! Homemade cheese is something we want to prove can be done in your kitchen with your own hands! Plus they make fantastic gifts too.

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The beauty of making things yourself is that you know exactly what goes in it, you can avoid nasty additives and you can make it just how you like it! Don't just take our word for it though we've had others tell us how much they enjoy our kits too.

We've made it easy, quick and provided you with anything specialised, so why don't you give it a try!

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