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Classic Rum Collection - Still Spirits
Classic Rum Collection - Still Spirits

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    Sample one of each of the Classic Superior Selection Rum Flavours

    The Still Spirits Classic Spirit Essence range represents the top essences under the Still Spirits brand. Each essence is designed to give you a spirit flavour that closely emulates the world's finest spirits on the market.

    This collection includes all rum flavours in the Classic range, each packed in 2 sachets:

    • Australian Gold Rum: A golden warming rum style flavouring followed with sweet wine and vanilla after notes and a lingering alcohol taste complimenting the gentle spiciness.
    • Calypso Dark Rum: A smooth, golden molasses style rum flavouring, popular in the Caribbean.
    • Jamaican Dark Rum: A traditional Jamaican rum style flavouring, with molasses and caramel aromas.
    • Navy Dark Rum: A dark, sweet, mellow style rum flavouring, similar to the seafaring rums of old.
    • Queensland Gold Rum: A smooth, golden rum style flavouring, with hints of vanilla and a sweet caramel finish.
    • Spiced Gold Rum: A smooth, honey style rum flavouring, combined with warm spices and dark caramel notes.
    • White Rum: A smooth, white rum style flavouring, slightly sweet with subtle tones of molasses.
    About the Company

    Still Spirits is the recognised world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences. With Still Spirits products you can easily make low cost alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured, authentic replications of far more expensive spirits and liqueurs.

    Still Spirits - the world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences.

    Still Spirits sprung from a small homebrew store in Wellington, New Zealand in the early 1990s. Since then it has grown both its name and the range of products produced, to be the world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences. And we are proud that so many people all over the world love using our products.

    With our recipes and ingredients you can reproduce just about any alcohol based drink you want, your way. You can also modify alcohol content, and add additional aromas and taste traits as well.

    It's not rocket science, just a fun and easy way to make the drinks you enjoy, at a price you can afford. What's more, if you follow the easy recipe guidelines and use the right flavour sachets mixed into your spirit base, the drink you make will taste so good your friends will find it hard to believe you made them yourself!

    The Still Spirits team of scientists, lab technicians and product development specialists ensure we only produce quality products and excellent ingredients, and are always finding new ways to improve the distilling process for you at home.

    So for smooth and flavoursome spirits that really deliver and liqueurs that truly tempt your taste buds, get into Still Spirits and make them yourself! 

    Still Spirits support the safe and responsible use of alcohol.

    Still Spirits is a responsible provider of spirit making products, and is committed to public safety and the responsible use of alcohol. Still Spirits also supports the observance of laws in regards to the home distillation of alcohol and the minimum drinking age in your country.

    For best results, and for the sake of your health, Still Spirits recommends that you do not drink spirit at more than 40% alcohol by volume.

    Note: If you consume alcohol over 60% by volume, alcohol poisoning will occur, leading to death or serious permanent injury.

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