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By far one of the most superior models currently available, in our opinion.

The superlative glass door, the ability to run as a split or smaller unit, and the easily accessible digital front control panel, all put this unit leaps and bounds ahead of most other brands.

Plus, this model comes with stainless steel trays!

Sedona® is the elegantly easy way to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial preservatives. Compared to other leading dehydrators, Sedona® offers unsurpassed performance utilising the latest digital dehydrating technologies with accurate temperature controls.

Great for making healthy snacks and putting up the season’s harvest, this ultra efficient digital dehydrator accurately distributes heated air, allowing you to dry foods perfectly every time. Its thoughtful features include a dual-fan control that allows you to vary batch size, a glass door to monitor progress, a quiet-dry setting for night-time use and an easy-to-clean interior.


  • Quiet operation, with night time mode for even quieter operation
  • Horizontal dual fan airflow for perfectly even drying
  • Can be divided to operate on half load with one fan for energy efficiency when dehydrating smaller batches
  • BPA free plastic parts
  • Built-in timer up to 99 hours
  • Digital display and setting for easy control
  • LED light display for dark environment
  • Front control panel for use and placement under kitchen cupboards
  • On/Off switch: no need to pull the plug to turn off unit every time
  • Clear tempered glass door to see results without opening unit
  • Automatic pause & resume function when the door opens & closes
  • Convenient front-mounted pull-down glass door
  • Solid, elegant and aesthetic design
  • Temperature mode selection for F° or C°
  • Temperature range is 30°C to 68°C (85° - 155° F)
  • More tray room with 1" clearance
  • Convenient, detachable power cord

Unique Raw & Health Food Friendly Features
The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest is designed with health conscious individuals in mind. It introduces ground-breaking features to ensure the highest quality of retained nutrients and taste in dehydrated fruits and vegetables:

  • Overheat protection feature keeps raw food from being overheated!
  • No black colouring chemicals used for food-contacting parts
  • PTFE free, BPA free drying sheets available (Poly-propylene or Silicone)

User Friendly Features
Enjoy a simple, yet intelligently designed interface. The operation of the Sedona is extremely easy with clearly marked controls and an easy to read digital display. The placement of the controls, hinges, glass panel, and the LED display are carefully designed to maximise efficiency and ease of use. The Sedona is extremely quiet during operation and manages the heated air in the drying compartment evenly and accurately.

Eco-Friendly Features
The Sedona Dehydrator operates much quieter than its competitors with higher efficiency. Dual fan technology allows you to operate each of the Sedona's two 300 watt computer-controlled fans and heating elements in the two drying compartments together or independently of each other. Discrete control over the two drying compartment allows the Sedona to operate at at 600 watt or 300 watt power, depending on your needs.

A separate heat sensor monitors the current temperature of each independent fan-heater set within its own compartment, which improves the efficiency and overall quality of the dehydration process.

  • Energy efficiency with dual fan technology
  • Closed tray for dividing drying chamber in half
  • Quiet DC motors for lower noise pollution
  • Night-mode function for even quieter performance

The Sedona® dehydrator features a sleek and stylish front that will look beautiful in any kitchen it graces. But while this is important, it is in no way the only great feature that the Sedona® boasts.

Dual fan technology:
The Sedona® dehydrator is the first to offer 600 watts, two sets of 300-watt independent fans, two heating coils, and two heat sensors, controlled digitally and grouped together to form two fan-heater-sets, which can be set to operate independently or simultaneously, giving you the option to dehydrate up to nine trays of your favorite dehydrated recipes at once. Because Sedona® can be set using only one fan-heater-set (one fan with heating-coil and heat sensor), less energy is used when dehydrating smaller batches of your favourite recipe, overall noise is reduced during operation, and heated air is managed more accurately and distributed more evenly throughout Sedona®.

Each heat sensor monitors the current temperature of each independent fan- heater-set within its own chamber - designed to improve the efficiency and overall quality of circulated air during the dehydration process.

So basically, you can turn on your entire dehydrator, or just half of it. Nice!

On/Off Switch
Easily switch Sedona® on and off without having to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and preventing electric shock or damage to Sedona®.

Temperature Display Mode
The digital temperature display panel displays your desired temperature in Fahrenheit (F°) or in Celsius (C°) degrees. Temperature range is 30°C to 68°C (85° - 155° F). The blinking glyph next to the temperature display reading identifies which heating coil is active.

Quiet Operation
Sedona® has extremely quiet fans, but also features a unique night mode setting which reduces the speed of each fan, reducing overall noise for quieter operation during the evening hours when you are sleeping.

Energy Efficient
Sedona® efficiently and evenly distributes heated air utilising Dual Fan Technology controlled digitally for optimum performance. Each fan-heater-set can be used independently to dehydrate four to five trays for smaller batches of your favourite dehydrated recipes, using less energy when compared to dehydrating nine trays with both fans at full capacity.

Glass Window
Easily monitor the food dehydration process with your own eyes without having to switch the unit off or opening the unit door.

Digital Temperature Control
Because the heated air from each fan-heater-set is monitored by its own heat sensor, temperature can be easily adjusted to your preferred setting for the most accurate and efficient operation.

Electronic Digital Display
Accurately and easily set Sedona® to your preferred temperature setting without disruption using the Digital Control Panel.

Digital Timer
Adjust the digital timer to specific dehydration times or set Sedona® to continuous mode for 99 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Compact Design
Sized identically to replace most microwave oven space designs.

Dual Fan Technology
Each fan-heater-set has its own heat sensor that monitors the current temperature of each chamber inside Sedona®. Dual Fan Technology allows you to use one or both fan-heater-sets at a time at one temperature setting for small to large batches of food dehydration.

Air Vents
Sedona® is designed with multiple air vents to allow for both even and efficient air flow and circulation of heated air.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 433 x 500 x 370 mm (19.7" x 14.6" x 17")
  • Weight (net / gross): 10.6kg / 14.5kg
  • Tray Size (W x D x H): 387 x 330 x 2.5mm (15.25" x 13" x 1")
  • Tray Area: 1.15m² (12.4ft²)
  • Number of Trays: 9
  • Power: 600W max
  • Temperature Range: 30°C to 68°C (85° - 155° F)
  • Warranty: 5 Years (Domestic) 6 months (Commercial)

What's Included?

  • 9 x Stainless Steel Trays
  • 1 x BPA-Free Plastic Closed Tray/Divider (this divides the unit into two drying compartments)
More Information
Weight 14.500000
Model SD-S9000
Size 9 Tray
Colour Black
Thermostat 30°C to 68°C (85° - 155° F)
Tray Dimensions 387mm W x 330mm D x 2.5mm H (15.25" x 13" x 1")
Tray Space 1.15m² (12.4ft²)
Wattage 600W
Power 240V
Dimensions 433mm W x 500mm D x 370mm H (19.7" x 14.6" x 17")
Weight 10.6kg net / 14.5kg gross
GTIN 009375709174
Brand Tribest
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