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Welcome to the Nature's Wonderland Wand Collection!
We offer a MAGICKAL selection of wands, handcrafted in Australia, using Crystal, Willow and Silver - to name a few of the wonderful materials.  Be sure to visit our Store to see the complete range.

The quintessential magical tool in the minds of most people is the wand. This is used by the Magus to project the power of will. In fact, it becomes the physical representation of his or her magical will. It becomes the most intensely personal tool of the Art and is used for virtually everything. Over time, it will gather a magical charge through use that is clearly perceptible when it is held.


Crystal Healing Wand
- Made to Your Order

The photos in this listing are of a wand of the design nominated, although it may be very slightly different and using different crystals and feathers.


Each wand will be made individually, so you must allow about 4 weeks from the placement of your order.

You are purchasing ONE beautiful Australian Hand Crafted Ceremonial Healing Wand in Crystal, Leather and Copper.

Choose from a selection of varying beautiful feathers, crystals and leathers to have an
Atlantean Crystal Power Wand created to your own needs.



Crystal power amplifies universal forces that can be used to modify, accumulate and direct the powerful mental, psychic and material energies of being.


A single Quartz point sits atop one end as a *Director* and an additional crystal is at the other end, acting as a *Collector*.

Approx. Size: 45cm x 2cm (17.75 x 0.75in) 
Approx. Weight: 180 gms


Please Email us if you have any Queries



The copper tube acts as an energy accumulator, or funnel; the leather is an insulator, and the quartz crystal acts as an energy transducer, capacitor, and focus for the beam of energy.


The shaft of the Wand will be wrapped with a leather of your choice
.... from a selection given to you as we design your wand.
Placed within the shaft of the wand are a few sprigs of the herb ROSEMARY, to protect and dispel negative energies, as well as a sprinkling of JUNIPER BERRIES, to banish all things injurious to good health.


The ATLANTEAN POWER ROD contains the very essence of ancient advanced science. The basic rod is a hollow copper tube. At one end is a quartz crystal, which is about Ύ" to 1" in diameter. It is about 1 ½" to 3" long. The outer covering or insulation is leather, wrapped in a flat spiral. Some healing wands have quartz crystal or other crystals on both ends and others have just one crystal with a copper end cap at the other end. 
In the area of health and healing, all diseases become curable. The use of these wands employing crystal energy is actually a simple process that allows the balance of the body to be restored. The affected organism heals itself. 




One of the most valuable uses for this type of rod is in healing, where the energy from the rod is used to remove energy blockages in the biomagnetic field of the body. This provides a balanced flow of the body's life-force energy. Removing the energy blocks provides a balance, while the body actually does the healing itself. This type of healing is easily done with plants, animals and people. 

Anyone can learn to use an Atlantean Power Rod in a short time. The energy is natural and basic to life; the technique of operation is simple. 

What you think is what you get. You're probably familiar with most of the positive thinking procedures and how they apply to your life. They always work. The only difference is how fast or how slowly they work. 

Very likely people will need to take responsibility for self-healing and for solving problems in the near future. Many people are already taking constructive action regarding their own health. 

These Wands are capable of delivering a large amount of accurately focused energy, at short or long distances, with little or no time delay involved. The operator does not have to move or travel to affect its usage. These crystal energy tools, in the hands of an experienced operator, have the ability to reach out through space and time, trans-forming both energy and matter on a subatomic level.


These leather-wrapped copper wands are enhanced with various feathers
- Emu, Guinea Fowl, Maned Duck, Peacock, Egyptian Geese, Cape Barren Geese, Magpie Geese, Galah, Raven, Rosella, Cockatoo, varying Bantams & other interesting coloured feathers from which you may choose ...
(See a few of the feathers available in the photos below.
All feathers are lovingly collected from SerpentineMoon's (the artist) own birds on their small paradise, *Shambhala*, as well as some contributed by some very special eBayers from their own birds - THANKS!!)


... and then further enhanced with leather thonging and crystals.


Many people feel an intuitive familiarity with these energy wands. Some say it may be from a previous incarnation in one of the ancient civilizations of Earth, or even another lifetime on another planet.  It may be from references in ancient writings, or even present day UFO reports.


The only thing that moves through an energy wand is energy. It operates in the exact degree of power and efficiency as the operator to which it is attuned. As soon as one takes possession, it begins functioning in the passive mode, radiating energy in all directions from the crystal. Picked up by the operator, it continues to function in this manner. When the operator focuses it by pointing and thinking/visualizing, a blue-white ray of energy beams in that direction from the point of the quartz crystal at the end. Thought switches the device from passive radiating energy to an active energy beam. Intensity and distance of the beam are determined by a combination of thoughts amplified by the emotions of the individual operator. 


Each WAND is individually handcrafted and so they are all just a tiny bit different, even though the basic design is the same.  It depends upon the leather used and the decorations and Crystals that are attached, which makes each one completely individual.  The photos in this listing are of a wand of the design being offered, although it will be made to your own order.  Please send us an  email if you have any queries or requests.**


Each Atlantean Power Wand features two crystals - one on either end of the wand.  There are varying coloured beautifully soft leathers available, depending upon our stock - or else an order may be placed for the colour and style of your choice.


Crystal power amplifies universal forces that can be used to modify, accumulate and direct the powerful mental, psychic and material energies of being.

The CRYSTALS that are placed on each end of the Wands carry additional energy that assists the user in achieving their will with their wand.  Please remember though ... all of these aspects of the Wands enhance the power and energy that the Wand is able to transmit, but the focus MUST come from the user ... without pure intent and strong focus from the user, the Wand is unable to achieve anything on its own.  The Wand acts as a focus to assist the user in better directing the energy that they are wishing to transmit.  We have designed quite a few pages that outline the Metaphysical Properties of various CRYSTALS.  The Crystals used on your Wand, plus others, are found by visiting the page noted here.




Crystal Healing Wand

If you would prefer a wand in a different colour scheme and would therefore like to order a customised design, you may like to visit a page we have put together to show some of the crystals and their metaphysical properties : CUSTOM CRYSTALS  .... and also the FEATHERS and their MAGICKAL PROPERTIES

Some of the colours of the leather on the rods and the attached crystals in the range are: 

--- LEATHER ---

  • Black 

  • Dark Brown

  • Beige

  • Green

  • Red

  • Water Buffalo


--- CRYSTALS ---

  • Amethyst, Clear Quartz

  • Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian

  • Citrine, Sodalite

  • Rose Quartz, Pink Agate

The crystals and leathers may differ from what is noted above and please feel free to nominate your own choice with which you feel comfortable.  In addition, your own crystals may be attached if you so desire.


Crystal Healing Wand
- Made to Your Order

After your purchase, please email us with your choices of feathers, leather colour and crystals.
There is a wait of approximately 2-4 weeks for your wand to be made especially for you, depending on our schedule at the time of your order.  This time period will also fluctuate, dependant upon whether or not we will need to order in your specific crystal preferences.


Wands are believed to focus and magnify the energies of the crystals and metals they contain.  When your wand chooses you, you can be assured of a magical partnership.

You can use the wand to "brush" your Auric fibres - this can help relieve stress and is quite pleasant. As with so many of these techniques, it's not what you do with the wand - it's how you think. A wand can be used for healing by using it to direct energy towards the Chakra that is injured. A favourite use for a wand is to allow one to enter the spirit realms more easily - imagine your being, your consciousness, as white light flowing from your head down your arms, through your wand and out the tip towards the spirit realms.






References in this text to the ATLANTEAN POWER ROD come from a fabulous little book that we own -
*Crystal Power*
by: Phyllis Galde

Visit the MAGICKAL and CRYSTAL WANDS  department of Nature's Wonderland Store to view the complete range of our MAGICKAL WANDS Collection.  

Designs are always available Made to Order, or often as a *Buy it Now* option, and different ones will be offered to Auction from time to time, depending upon availability.

All the Wands have the following qualities:

  • Individual designs and always unique, the Wands may have the same design as another in the range, but in being individually Hand Crafted, no two are ever exactly the same.  They are crafted in Australia with artistic patience.

  • Natural crystals and silver embellishment.

  • Each hand made Crystal Wand has been made with Love and Healing Energy, here in Australia and is ready to move into its new home.

  • Each wand is cleansed before it leaves for its new home. This removes the vibrations of the wand maker from the piece so that it is in a neutral state until the new owner links with the wand.

  • Each and every wand created leaves with a simple safety precaution : the wands are dedicated to the light and may only be used for the very highest good of all involved in the use of the wand.

  • The wand will be packed very carefully into a postal cylinder for travel so as to ensure that it will arrive safely.  Australian post will be AU$10.00 regular mail.  Post to the US is AU$15.50 and to the UK it is AU$18.00.  Insurance, to the value of AU$200.00 - within Australia is an extra AU$4.90 and Internationally, it is an extra AU$9.50


(Please visit our Store for other sizes and varieties of wands.)

The full collections are all available from our Store, where you will always find new and enchanting items added for sale frequently!

**The Crystal Wands Collection and matching Accessories Department of our Store is being expanded and so quite a few of the items are not yet listed.  Please email us if you have any queries or requests.**

Wand Creation

Each wand we create is a truly unique and individual piece, although some designs follow a theme. In fact an accurate description would be that the wands evolve from the materials and are co-created with our guides and guardians. The Devas of each material incorporated into the wands are always called on for guidance and permission to work with the materials in order to create a wand at peace with its purpose.

These wands are fashioned from pure copper pipe, and some wands have the addition of copper wire, plaited copper wire, or foil in various designs to augment the energy flow through the crystals that are attached.

The wands have the addition of extra crystals and minerals to produce an appropriate blend of energy through the wand. These crystals may be cut and faceted gem stones, various gem and mineral cabochons, or whatever feels right for the wand. The energy and unique vibration of each crystal will blend with the vibrant flow of light energy through the copper like a chord played on a keyboard.

Wands and Wand use

  • Wands have been used in many cultures throughout history. Wands and other vibrational tools were used extensively in Atlantean, and Lemurian cultures, which filtered down to many of the cultures of Africa, and Europe. In fact their legacy is still seen in positions of authority in modern society, such as staffs, crooks, and sceptres wielded by church leaders and heads of state. 

    As interest has been rekindled in all forms of energy work, magic, healing modalities, wiccanism, and shamanism, wands have found resurgence in our society. Most countries will have a number of craftsmen and women creating wands of various designs. 

    Wands are made from either wood or metal - anything, which will conduct energy. Plastics and other materials can be used to fashion wands but are not generally used because of their insulating properties. Leather was and is used in some wand designs to insulate the energy field of the practitioner from the wand in order to focus pure intent. The choice of insulation is purely personal but our designs all use conductive materials to link the energy field of the practitioner with his or her wand.

    Wooden Wands

  • Many traditional wands were and still are made from wood. For those of you who may wish to fashion your own wooden wand it is important for the energetics that the wand is of live wood. If a branch or twig is cut from a tree or plant, the life force that animates the wood will be rapidly withdrawn from the branch in order for the plant to conserve its energy. 

    Live wood is obtained by contacting the consciousness of the tree and asking for a gift of the selected branch. Sit or stand with the tree for a while, spend some time getting to know the tree. Then when it feels appropriate, either out loud or in your head, state your intent that you wish a section of live wood to create a wand and ask that the vibration and energy be left in the section from which the wand is to be fashioned. Once you have cut the live wood, thank the tree, and leave some form of exchange. The wand can then be fashioned or carved into an appropriate form and augmented with the addition of crystals, coloured ribbons feathers or other items significant to you. 

    Wooden wands are by their very nature ideal for practitioners of earth magic, wiccans, etc. Generally speaking wooden wands have a very subtle, flowing natural feel to their energy. The wand was a part of Druidic and Shamanic tool kits. The wand was used to work with the element of air, which is associated with the mental body and the intellect, hence its use as a focus for one's intent.

    Metal and Crystal Wands

  • In contrast to wooden wands, metal-based wands are highly conductive, very directional and focused energetically. Designs may include matrices of wires or metal rods to form the wand, or more commonly a metal tube with crystals and other materials mounted in them. 

    The easiest form of metal wand to fashion is the pipe wand. Copper or stainless steel pipe is easily obtained and cut to length using a pipe cutter or hacksaw. Crystals are then mounted at either end of the pipe. Some designs place additional crystals or energetic materials in the pipe. 

    Designs vary and some of the most ornate metal wands have complex shapes and wire matrices bonded to the pipe or handle. 

    In addition to using crystals to enhance a wooden or metal wand, some wands are fashioned from pure crystal. In order to form the blocks of crystal into a wand, a specialist tooling is generally required, depending on the hardness of the crystal. 

    Once the basic wand of whatever material is formed, the energy may be augmented by the addition of other crystals. These crystals will blend their vibrations with that of the wand in order to bring about positive change. Winding conductive materials such as metal wire around the wand can further augment the energy of the wand. If a spiral is wound down the piece or even multiple spirals, then this energy flow will be further amplified. Using these basic principles, the harmonics of a wand can be tailored to suit any practitioner.

    Wand Use

  • Wands are rod like in shape, and generally one end collects energy which is focused down the wand and directed to bring about change. One of the most common designs utilises a sphere as the collector and a point at the other end as a director. 

    Wands are normally held in the right hand. Energetically we receive energy with the left hand and give with the right hand. Focus your intent and then direct the energy through the wand to the recipient. The wand may be used in this fashion to draw sacred symbols, connect crystals in a grid or matrix, or direct energy to a person, time or place. 

    One of the prime uses of a wand is in healing. The wand may be used in whatever fashion feels appropriate. The wand may be passed up and down the recipient pointed at wounds or energy blockages etc., and energy will be directed in. In addition, the wand may be placed base down on the recipient in order to draw negative energy or pain etc. out. Once this energy is drawn out, it is important to transmute this negativity and there are a number of methods to achieve this. 

    A statement of intent that the negative energy removed during healing is transmuted into neutral energy is one way of achieving this. Directing the energy into a vortex of purple light may also be used. Calling on guidance, on angelic energies, or ascended masters such as Saint Germaine to assist in the transmutation of negative energy, may also be used. 

    After the wand has been used, it should be cleansed using a smudge stick, or visualisation or by blowing down the wand to remove any negativity. 

    Wands may be laid on a recipient to balance the energy system, or to open the Chakra chain. Simply place the wand on or near the recipient and instruct the wand to perform the task. You can work your wand by laying it by a client and focusing your intent that the wand open the energy system of the client and dissolve any energy blocks the energy encounters which are no longer serving. Also state positively that this is for the highest good of all involved.

    In addition to healing, wands may be used as an aid to meditation simply by holding the wand whilst in the meditative state. 

    In time most practitioners develop a method of working with the wand which suits them.



We must state that this product is strictly for experimentation and research purposes only.

This item may be of interest to students or practitioners of Alchemy, Reiki, Kabbalah, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism, Shamanism, Life Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Huna, Hypnosis, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism, Radionics, Psionics and Psychotronics etc.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us
as you wander through our Store.





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so as you understand all the details. 
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... just close it after you have finished and this item page will still be available for you. 

Thanks !!





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